Off to Colombia

Hey, guys! I’m about to leave for Colombia for six weeks and, in an effort to document the experience (and let my relatives know I’m alive and not taken captive or eaten by an Amazonian monster) I’ll try to post here regularly. I say try and not I will because I’m notorious for only posting once every three … Continue reading Off to Colombia


I love quotes. I live off of the words of others because often their words say what I am thinking more effectively than my own could do. A few months ago I read Long Walk to Freedom by Nelson Mandela, and on December 6, 2013, he died at the age of 95. His contributions were … Continue reading Madiba


I am currently taking a course on Advanced Leadership. As the President of a non-profit organization that commands 50+ members, a $50,000 budget, and an alumni base of over 350, this class has been useful in understanding leadership dynamics and assessing myself as a leader within the organization. I always listen to what we are … Continue reading Leadership

How Many Stories

Today my Russian teacher asked us to clarify that a building possessed “stories.” The Russian word’s translation equivalent was awkward, per usual, and she wanted to make sure that saying, for example, “the building has five stories” was a correct English phrase. She asked me and I faltered at saying yes. Not because she wasn’t … Continue reading How Many Stories