The System

Today I had a friend tell me that her son had stopped trying- stopped doing anything but existing in the classroom, really- and I asked why. This kid was an intelligent kid when I knew him; he had wanted to go places like NYU and Wake Forest and had even been eyeing the Ivies when … Continue reading The System

Miss USA

Yesterday I was going to write a post about rocks. And then I was going to blast the Miss USA competition and the contestants out of the water. But now, I’m going to write, instead, about the Miss USA competition in an apologetic format. You see, before I started drafting last night’s post I put … Continue reading Miss USA

Cardboard Boxes

Have you ever thought about houses? Really thought about the box that you’re living in, residing in, eating, sleeping, ¬†and breathing in? The place that you call home, the place where you primarily exist? It flabbergasts me, really; how human beings put so much store in the place that they live, the place that they … Continue reading Cardboard Boxes