Meeting Point

To pick up where I left off: Our hotel rooms aren’t provided with kitchens, meaning that we can’t cook the vegetables they sell here in the market. I’ve been substituting that with a ton of bananas and peaches, which are cheap and delicious, but our usual fare is any one of the millions of different … Continue reading Meeting Point

Man Unkind

“A safe fairyland is untrue to all worlds.”  When I posted that on Facebook yesterday, I didn’t know that it would be my last post before a church massacre less than six hours from my home in Charlotte, North Carolina. True, a safe fairyland is untrue to all worlds, and always will be. But an … Continue reading Man Unkind

Back Roads to Ciglane

On Friday Merima, Arnela, and I went to ciglane, or the equivalent of the flea market.  Here you can get things for much cheaper than in town, if you need something- everything from shoes and purses to walnuts and apricots.  First though, in desperate need of vegetables, we got lunch. Though this was comparatively expensive … Continue reading Back Roads to Ciglane