Picking Apples

On Sunday, we went to my grandparent’s house. I haven’t seen them since I got home (and my grandma broke her wrist), so we went down to say hello. My grandparents own a restaurant and farm pine trees, so they live in the middle of nowhere on 500 acres of beautiful, rolling, pine-covered hills. This … Continue reading Picking Apples

On The Horizon

While we were in Wisconsin, my mother got a phone call informing her that her uncle- my Great Uncle- had died. His name was Ron Griffin, but we all knew him as “Shine.” Though the youngest of five (my family is a large one), he had cancer and unexpectedly succumbed to it much earlier than … Continue reading On The Horizon

EPIC Headquarters

Sorry for the delayed post, everyone! I’ve had a really large deadline for work this past week and put a stop to everything but completing said deadline. The last day we were in Wisconsin (this past Sunday), we were able to see EPIC headquarters. EPIC Systems is a health software company based out of Madison, … Continue reading EPIC Headquarters