You Are The Day

I need to write. I neglect it, an honest process I need to have with myself every day that I always manage to forget or push aside as something just as easily done tomorrow as well is would have been done today. But then I miss details, details of my self, and of the world … Continue reading You Are The Day

White Alliance.

On Friday afternoon I got off the bus at the crossing of Mount Pleasant and Irving Streets in NW DC. I had every intention of walking into the local market to get tomato sauce for dinner, but immediately after I stepped off the bus, I heard a large commotion and saw a handful of police … Continue reading White Alliance.


Today, July 11th, 2018, marks the 23rd anniversary of the genocide at Srebrenica, where 8,373 boys and men were killed intentionally by Bosnian Serb forces in one of six UN-protected “safe zones”. I always commemorate this day, a mental reminder of why I do what I do, study what I study. This anniversary, however, finds … Continue reading Srebrenica.