One thought on “Leadership”

  1. I’ve never taken a management class in my life, but I have led and I have also worked with a lot of different leaders and one of the things I’ve noticed is that groups and organizations can be hugely different in their character. Many of the organizations that I’ve observed want precisely the kind of leader your class is identifying — they want and need a social connection with the person who is organizing them, guiding them, or ruling them (all different kinds of strong management) — but some really do not and, if given an “engaged” leader become quite hard to direct. I think there are places for the detached leader in all of this. I think there is also a place for the leader who leads “from behind,” forcing the group to find its own humanity and embrace the success of the mission themselves, supporting an insecure or troubled leader hand helping him/her succeed. There are more situations in heaven and earth than are dreamt of…

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