Over the Bridge Doesn’t Mean You’re Through the Woods

Sorry for the late blog post- since Mostar I’ve been incredibly busy, not including the delay losing and subsequently recovering my harddrive caused. After enjoying the view from the minaret, Arnela and I headed down to continue through Mostar (and let me tell you, the amount of talent required to get down a minaret’s top … Continue reading Over the Bridge Doesn’t Mean You’re Through the Woods


Mostar was a special place to me during my research for Bosnia previous to coming here, and I plan to go back if possible when one of my friends arrives from DC for a week there (if my schedule allows, of course). ┬áThe segments below about Mostar are from previous research, and it helped a … Continue reading Mostar

Driving to Mostar

On Saturday we all woke up early and gathered into a bus with our History professor, Amer Dardagan, to go to Mostar. I’ll explain more about Mostar in the actual Mostar post, but until then, I have to share the way there, because it was so beautiful. It was hard to get pictures because I … Continue reading Driving to Mostar