EPIC Headquarters

Sorry for the delayed post, everyone! I’ve had a really large deadline for work this past week and put a stop to everything but completing said deadline. The last day we were in Wisconsin (this past Sunday), we were able to see EPIC headquarters. EPIC Systems is a health software company based out of Madison, … Continue reading EPIC Headquarters

On The Road Again

Immediately when I returned from Ibague to Charlotte, my family left on a road trip to Madison, Wisconsin, to see my sister, Mikal, and her boyfriend, Gavin. Here also I have a meeting with the University of Wisconsin-Madison’s graduate programs. Before we left, it deluged at my home. Kay (really our neighbor, but actually our … Continue reading On The Road Again

What it Really Means When a Leader Says “This is a Team-Building Activity.”

…it means, basically, “hold on to your diapees!” Let me preface this by saying that there are three basic steps to handling crisis situations when faced with them as a leader of any group of people. If you are a leader and you notice that a crisis situation might be forming, you subtly and quietly … Continue reading What it Really Means When a Leader Says “This is a Team-Building Activity.”

The Weekend

Hey guys! Sorry for the lack of posts, but I’ve been with my host family in Cali, Colombia since Saturday because their relative had her first communion ceremony. Pictures later in the post 🙂 First, on Friday, we didn’t have to work because the entire team had what they called “The Amazing Race.” I thought … Continue reading The Weekend