On The Road Again

2 thoughts on “On The Road Again”

  1. I have reading your blog, there are a few terms i dont know exactly but i tried to google them and it sort of helped me, anyway the thing is i loved your blog, i’m colombian and i feel really happy that you’ve had a good experiencie here and that you could sort of changed the perspective that a lot of people around the world has about our country, you describe every single thing with so much subtlely but in nicely way. I was the benjamin host, you probably dont remember me but as i can still receiving notificacións from aiesec on facebook, i saw your post and clicked it, and i found your blog. Its cool cause i can either improve my english and laugh at the same time. (Sorry about my english mistakes)

    1. Aw, thank you!! Your English is quite good, don’t worry about the mistakes 🙂 I’m glad it could help! I definitely think that the more people travel to and live in Colombia, the more difference it will make in people’s perception of the country- I miss it every day.

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