The State of North Carolina

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  1. I’m not sure where you get your “average teacher salary” number from but I make about $10K LESS than that. I know teachers with 20 years of experience in this state who still make less that $40K. Misleading.

    1. The average comes when you add all the teachers salaries in the state together and then divide that number by the number of teachers. Some people are below the average. You do not know any teachers that have 20 years experience making less than $40k as you can see here.

      Also, you can check out NCAE’s website for all the facts about the budget.

      I found this blog informative and not misleading. I got out of teaching in NC because of these reasons. The day I left teaching I made 50% more in the non-profit sector!! This state is embarrassing. My wife is still a teacher and as soon as I find a job in another state we are leaving. We don’t want our child going to school in NC because the state is making it harder and harder for teachers to be successful and impactful.

      I applaud you and my other teaching friends that are still putting the endless hours and thankless work despite the NCGA trying to run you away.

  2. Kristina,
    Where did you get the information about eliminating National Board pay? This is the first I’ve heard of it and was curious. Thank you for the post, great information!

    1. Thank you! Here is one of the sources I had for the elimination of incentives:

      And here is another:

      Although, I could be wrong. I know that there was mention that at the last minute, Teaching Fellows was reinstated, and I can’t find anything in the final copy about the elimination of National Board’s stipends in particular. Let’s hope I am incorrect and that it is just Masters’.

  3. Can you link a source regarding the elimination of National Board incentive once the certificate expires? Thank you.

    1. In response to other comments I have linked sources I used, as well as this one, which alluded to incentives:

      I was informed of the “grandfathering in/out” by a colleague a week or two ago but cannot find the specific article; I could be wrong about that, as the comments on the fate of National Board Certification elimination have already been brought into question below. I can find articles that say “incentives” and have spoken with others that have mentioned NBC, but I cannot find an article that explicitly states that it is indeed NBC. I hope, for everyone, that I am wrong.

  4. What has happened in NC is upsetting. The checks and balances of government are nonexistant in the current NC government. The Republican party has taken over and pushed through unreasonable and unwise policies that will ruin our state. I am a native of NC and graduated from UNC-CH when the cost of tuition was less than 300.00 a semester. I graduated from a great university with no debt and got a job within two months in my degree field. In comparison, look at today’s students trying to work in their courses with funding cuts and graduating with debt and no job prospects. Currently, I work for the State of NC and have not had a real raise in years. As everyone knows, unless you are a political appointee, the ONLY way to increase your pay with the State is to find a higher level position and get hired into it. When I worked in the private sector in just three years I was raised in position twice and got incredible raises in recognition of the work that I did. With the State, we have had one “sort of” merit raise in the 90s. Also, the private sector matched my 401K which the State never has. We fund our own retirement and 401K. If I did not enjoy my job with the State and my spouse did not have a great job to compensate for my salary, I would have left years ago out of necessity to be able to provide for my kids. When Jim Hunt was governor, education was important. It was recognized that a great educational system was the way to prosperity for our state. We were able to create RTP and get companies to come to our state to make a difference in medical or other research. They employed the graduates from our schools, but now they are not hiring as they once did because it is cheaper to farm out work to those in other countries. Will anyone want to bring an innovative company here with poor and poorer quality public schools and our wrecked university systems? I agree with the above remarks. In the long run, the lack of support of our educational system is going to have a major effect on our state and create a lot more problems for our state. We have got to take NC back and get the right priorities back in place, before our state is ruined. We need to support those who will fix this mess.

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