Lake Prado

So yesterday, we had to wake up bright and early to meet at the bus at 4:30 am, which would take us on the nearly three-hour drive to Prado for a day trip at the lake. Though getting up at 4:30 wasn’t my favorite thing ever, when we arrived at the lake it was beautiful. … Continue reading Lake Prado

The Weekend

Friday morning we had our weekly team meeting at the University. We all meet and plan our activities with our groups for the next week, as well as a go over the schedule of planned events (*planned events here in Colombia is a questionable term). A new kid, Solomon, arrived from Atlanta, Georgia today. I … Continue reading The Weekend

The Big Parade

Today we woke up and met at 9:30 am to watch a very large parade. By “very large,” I mean: this parade started at 10 am and didn’t reach our location until 1:30 pm. The parade didn’t end where we were until at least 5:00 pm, or even later. It was a very, very large … Continue reading The Big Parade

Vamos America!

We have three or four Germans in the AIESEC program here in Ibague, and we have seven or eight Americans. Today, America faced Germany in the World Cup, so we all gathered to watch it and root for our respective teams! I didn’t leave without my trusty American flag bandanna and silver/blue eyeshadow: And we … Continue reading Vamos America!

Dia del Tamal

Today was simultaneously: The Festival of Cowboys, Dia del Tamal, and the Colombian futbol game. Apparently, here in Ibague (capital of Tolima, a department in Colombia), they have festivals every other day, or some other inordinate frequency. Today, it was the Festival of the Cowboy. That meant that children walked through the streets with toy … Continue reading Dia del Tamal