The Hidden Beach

On Wednesday we went to a little hidden beach a short way (even by non-Colombian standards!) away from Santa Marta. We drove this short way through mountains of desert. This is something else that I’ll highlight here. In Colombia, you encounter abject poverty in many places, until you turn a corner and are surrounded by … Continue reading The Hidden Beach

What it Really Means When a Leader Says “This is a Team-Building Activity.”

…it means, basically, “hold on to your diapees!” Let me preface this by saying that there are three basic steps to handling crisis situations when faced with them as a leader of any group of people. If you are a leader and you notice that a crisis situation might be forming, you subtly and quietly … Continue reading What it Really Means When a Leader Says “This is a Team-Building Activity.”

That Gringa Batwoman

Yesterday we had the Arts and Environment Festival that had been planned by the Festival Team for five weeks. Every country represented had a table decorated with symbols of their country and food that was typical of their home. We also had a table where the arts and crafts that our foundations (ninos and abuelitos) … Continue reading That Gringa Batwoman

We Found Nutella!

Today we went again to work with the abuelitos and later to “Colombian Night” hosted by the Colombia AIESEC-ers. We met per usual at the Plaza de los Artesanos, where Kimi showed us these shoes her host mom had painted for her as a gift from Colombia. Laugh away, because we did. Then we went … Continue reading We Found Nutella!