Autumn at Oz

This past Saturday, Justin, Steven, Danielle, Kay, and I went to Autumn at Oz. The World of Oz is a Wizard-of-Oz themed park nestled on Beech Mountain near Boone. Wildly popular in the mid-20th century but abandoned in 1980, the park is now re-opened for a few weekends ¬†every fall during peak leaf-changing time for … Continue reading Autumn at Oz

Picking Apples

On Sunday, we went to my grandparent’s house. I haven’t seen them since I got home (and my grandma broke her wrist), so we went down to say hello. My grandparents own a restaurant and farm pine trees, so they live in the middle of nowhere on 500 acres of beautiful, rolling, pine-covered hills. This … Continue reading Picking Apples

On The Road Again

Immediately when I returned from Ibague to Charlotte, my family left on a road trip to Madison, Wisconsin, to see my sister, Mikal, and her boyfriend, Gavin. Here also I have a meeting with the University of Wisconsin-Madison’s graduate programs. Before we left, it deluged at my home. Kay (really our neighbor, but actually our … Continue reading On The Road Again

The Hidden Beach

On Wednesday we went to a little hidden beach a short way (even by non-Colombian standards!) away from Santa Marta. We drove this short way through mountains of desert. This is something else that I’ll highlight here. In Colombia, you encounter abject poverty in many places, until you turn a corner and are surrounded by … Continue reading The Hidden Beach