Back Roads to Ciglane

On Friday Merima, Arnela, and I went to ciglane, or the equivalent of the flea market.  Here you can get things for much cheaper than in town, if you need something- everything from shoes and purses to walnuts and apricots.  First though, in desperate need of vegetables, we got lunch. Though this was comparatively expensive … Continue reading Back Roads to Ciglane

Swans are A-holes

I’ll explain the title later, but if you know anything about UNC Charlotte, you know already that any kind of duck, goose, or swan, while they may be pretty, have the souls of a demon and a hunger for nothing less than living human flesh. But lets start at the beginning! This past week was … Continue reading Swans are A-holes

Papa Franjo

On June 6, Pope Francis (in Bosnian, Papa Franjo, pronounced Papa Fran-yo) came to Sarajevo. The last time a Pope visited Sarajevo was a cold day in 1997, when Pope John Paul the II came after the official end of the conflict. Though he had tried to come during the conflict, the security threat was … Continue reading Papa Franjo

Once Upon a Library

The day after the football game started out with our designated Bosnian Second Breakfast of gelato. This kind, which I don’t know the name of, was hazelnut or vanilla laced with a thick, creamy, chocolate hazelnut sauce that was to-die-for. We also were approached by women handing out white strips of fabric to tie around … Continue reading Once Upon a Library

Seperation Anxiety

Hello everyone! Or should I say, Guten Tag! Allow me to introduce myself; I’m the best friend. You’ve probably seen plenty of me on previous blog posts through Kristina and I’s many escapades around the world, but if you for some reason have chosen to just start reading at this post, stop reading, go read … Continue reading Seperation Anxiety