Today I woke up and ate breakfast – today without the cheese but with these crispy bread-ball things that I didn’t like all that much but I ate anyway because Chapter 13 of The Etiquette Book said I had to. Griffin especially will understand this, but something I do miss is hot tea. Normally, I … Continue reading Martes


Today I woke up and had breakfast (fruit, bread, cheese, orange juice, and coffee again). Because I wasn’t supposed to meet our team lead until 2:00, I had the morning to myself. I watched futbol, worked on USA things, and read. I’m at the epilogue of the fifth Game of Thrones book and, for those … Continue reading Lunes

En Bogota

So today I have a lot of pictures. Because I like playing with colors and you guys are more engaged when there are pictures, anyway. So I boarded a flight from Miami to Bogota at 8:15 last night, which took about five hours. It wasn’t a terrible flight, and I got to watch lightning-clouds. It’s … Continue reading En Bogota

Swinging on Stars

The airport was entirely deserted at 4 am when Justin dropped me off (did I mention he’s the best ever?) and it was the first time I’d been without my Model UN people. Normally we do dumb stuff together until we board the plane, like playing Cards Against Humanity for hours to distract us from … Continue reading Swinging on Stars

Off to Colombia

Hey, guys! I’m about to leave for Colombia for six weeks and, in an effort to document the experience (and let my relatives know I’m alive and not taken captive or eaten by an Amazonian monster) I’ll try to post here regularly. I say try and not I will because I’m notorious for only posting once every three … Continue reading Off to Colombia