Autumn at Oz

This past Saturday, Justin, Steven, Danielle, Kay, and I went to Autumn at Oz. The World of Oz is a Wizard-of-Oz themed park nestled on Beech Mountain near Boone. Wildly popular in the mid-20th century but abandoned in 1980, the park is now re-opened for a few weekends ¬†every fall during peak leaf-changing time for … Continue reading Autumn at Oz

International Festival and Panthers’ Game

This weekend was quite a busy one! Saturday was our school’s International Festival, which is where all internationally and culturally-based organizations on campus, in addition to community organizations and nonprofits in Charlotte, have a festival of food and dance to showcase their respective cultures. It’s a wonderful event and I’m quite sad that it was … Continue reading International Festival and Panthers’ Game


Today I had a Venezuela country meeting at 9:30, an oboe lesson at 11:00, a Saudi Arabia country meeting at 11:00, a club meeting at 2:00, and an oboe tuning session (with a saxophone for a duet) at 3:30. This morning my Starbucks cup greeted me with some nice inspiration: Art I liked today: And … Continue reading Snippets

Picking Apples

On Sunday, we went to my grandparent’s house. I haven’t seen them since I got home (and my grandma broke her wrist), so we went down to say hello. My grandparents own a restaurant and farm pine trees, so they live in the middle of nowhere on 500 acres of beautiful, rolling, pine-covered hills. This … Continue reading Picking Apples