Hello, Venezia!

Two weeks ago I headed to the airport on a Friday morning and jetted off to see Justin in Venice. We’d planned this trip before we left, determined to see each other at least once while we were both in Europe, and since Venice is supposed to be sinking, it seemed like the perfect destination. … Continue reading Hello, Venezia!

Over the Bridge Doesn’t Mean You’re Through the Woods

Sorry for the late blog post- since Mostar I’ve been incredibly busy, not including the delay losing and subsequently recovering my harddrive caused. After enjoying the view from the minaret, Arnela and I headed down to continue through Mostar (and let me tell you, the amount of talent required to get down a minaret’s top … Continue reading Over the Bridge Doesn’t Mean You’re Through the Woods


Mostar was a special place to me during my research for Bosnia previous to coming here, and I plan to go back if possible when one of my friends arrives from DC for a week there (if my schedule allows, of course).  The segments below about Mostar are from previous research, and it helped a … Continue reading Mostar